EIPA LongLife Wear Parts

That which gives your plant a long life.

Sits, fits and if necessary wobbles and rotates it also in the air. EIPA LongLife Wear Parts are ready-to-install components or machine components that counteract wear. We manufacture them individually adapted to your needs, your technical requirements and the quantities you require - from individual parts to series production. EIPA LongLife Wear Parts are cut by plasma cutting as standard and then processed further. Other cutting processes such as water jet cutting are also possible. And by ready-to-install we also mean ready-to-install: deformations, processing, connecting elements, primers or lacquering up to the sticker with logo are all possible processing, which we are happy to take over for you. If required, certificates, testimonials and documentation can be found on top. So that you only have to install it comfortably. So what is your application?

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PRODUCT EIPA LongLife Wear Part
MATERIAL Carrier material made of steel + coating and possibly add-on parts
DESCRIPTION Ready-to-install and wear-resistant components or machine components including the required processing, the necessary connecting elements and other finishing. To extend the service life of machines and plants.
DELIVERY TIME 2 - 4 weeks (regular)
1 - 2 weeks (express)

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