Sand / Gravel / Ballast

Service life optimization in quarries, sand and gravel plants with EIPA wear protection

Sand, gravel and ballast undergo different processes until the product is finished. First, the rocks are extracted, usually through blasting. After that, the utilizable rocks are prepared. They are crushed with crushers or mills. The remains are then sorted with screens and sifters. Generally, the results are products which are then sorted according to grain size. Ballast, grit, crushed sand, track ballast and armour stones. The final products are then used for the production of cement or asphalt.

These plants and machines which are used for extracting and conveying, shredding and preparing in sand and gravel plants or in quarries are subject to enormous wear and tear.

For this challenge, EIPA closely cooperates with its customers in order to find solutions for all kinds of wear and tear problems. The selection of the right EIPA material for the appropriate plant parts is another significant step against wear and tear and corrosion and towards a longer service life.

Einsatzgebiete Sand Kies Schotter


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