EIPA LongLife Welded Constructions

Not just a part, but the complete thing.

Not only in shape, but also in top shape by joining things together. EIPA LongLife Welded Constructions are the supreme discipline in the manufacture of wear-resistant machine and plant components. Why? Because it is not just one component that lasts, but an entire construction. Constructions such as funnels, chutes, screw conveyors, sieves, cones and many other. All our manufacturing resources, capabilities and experience flow into the production of the EIPA LongLife Welded Constructions. Manufactured according to your requirements for the finished product. You demand, we achieve. From the cutting of the individual parts to the last weld seam and the documentation. So why only take one part when you can have the whole thing?

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PRODUCT EIPA LongLife Welded Construction
MATERIAL Base metal sheet + coating and possibly add-on parts
DESCRIPTION Ready-to-install and wear resistant welded constructions.
Joint by welding and bolting, taking into account relevant standards.
For extending the lifetime of machines and equipment.
DELIVERY TIME 2 - 4 weeks (regular)
1 - 2 weeks (express)

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