ROTARC® - EIPA LongLife Wear Pipes

Pipes for life (of plants).

All in all a well-rounded thing. Especially when the forming of flat material reaches its limits, EIPA LongLife Wear Pipes are the ideal choice. Plain steel pipes are transformed into highly wear-resistant pipes and defy the wear phenomena caused by goods transported through them. If the wear takes place outside the pipe - which might be the case - then we also like to coat it on the outside for you. In the standard we orientate ourselves on standard nominal diameters for pipes, so that you can replace individual pipes or entire pipelines 1:1 without much adaptation. But we also cover non-standard or above-standard pipes. Please do not hesitate to ask. What can we round off for you?

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MATERIAL Base metal pipe + coating and possibly add-on parts
DESCRIPTION Ready-to-install and wear-resistant pipes.
If required, including flange connections.
For extending the lifetime of pipelines within plants and machines.
DELIVERY TIME 2 - 4 weeks (regular)
1 - 2 weeks (express)

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