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EIPA - Ensures calmness in your facilities

We are convinced that short lifetimes, unplanned downtimes and loss of production must be a thing of the past.

By offering you individually tailored products and solutions, we can reduce wear in your systems. No matter whether it has to do with abrasion, erosion or corrosion.
Wear-resistant metal sheets, components, constructions or base materials - if necessary from product development to product delivery - are the result.

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What are the fields of application?

Material handling

EIPA is known on the market for its wear technology in regard of handling with abrasive bulk materials of all kinds.

Grinding and crushing technology

The special alloys of EIPA contribute to the durability of the wear parts of your plant.

Screening technology

State-of-the-art technologies can achieve impressive economic and technological results.

Mixing technology

EIPA has decades of experience in wear protection and maintenance of mixing plants.

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Quality? Matter of course.

EIPA has its own in-house laboratory both for the development of new and improved welding alloys as well as for the monitoring of production processes.

In order to constantly monitor our quality, the production of each EIPA LongLife Wear Plate is recorded. The records contain not only the data of the base materials and the selected alloy quality but also include all welding parameters of the hardfacing process. Consecutive numbering of the records makes the production of every single EIPA LongLife Wear Plate traceable. All information about the manufacturing process is saved in a database for additional evaluations and quicker traceability.

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Seven International Locations

EIPA Eisen Palmen GmbH


Wurmbenden 10-12
52070 Aachen


28, rue Schweighaeuser
F-67000 Strasbourg

Mr. Philippe Brasseur, M. Sc.

Also serves: Northern Africa, Nigeria, Israel

EIPA Alpine GmbH

Wiedner Gürtel 13, Turm 24
A – 1100 Wien

Mr. Ing. Oliver Riedl

Also serves: Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, East Asia

EIPA Benelux B. V.

Van Breijlstraat 10
6287 BP Eys

Mr. Nico de Rijk
Commercial Manager

Also serves: Scandinavia, United Kingdom

EIPA East Europe sp. z o.o.

ul. Przyokopowa 33
01-208 Warszaw

Mr. Ing. Oliver Riedl

Also serves: Russia, Belarus und Baltic countries

EIPA Consult GmbH

Wurmbenden 10-12
52070 Aachen

Mr. Dr.-Ing. Agah Meric Sevim
IWE/EWE/SFI, Technical Consultant, CTO

Also serves: North- Middle- and South-America, Middle East, Turkey, Spain, Portugal

EIPA Hungaria Kft.

5748/7 hrsz
HU-8400 Ajka

Mr. Szilárd Vincze

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