EIPA LongLife Welding Consumables

The material from which a hard coating is produced.

The most important ingredients are included. The EIPA LongLife Welding Consumables come in the form of rods, rod electrodes, powder or other variants. The contents of these variants are fully configured alloys for (hard) build-up welding. The variety of variants and combination possibilities are almost limitless - therefore we will limit ourselves below to the most important ones. We also usually keep these in stock and are therefore available to you at short notice. We recommend that you contact us beforehand to find out which product type and alloy is suitable for your application. So that you use the technically and economically optimal variant. So what is allowed in?

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PRODUCT EIPA LongLife Welding Consumable
MATERIAL Metals and non-metals in powder, wire and other forms
DESCRIPTION Pre-configured alloy in the form of wire, electrode, powder and other forms.
Ready-to-use, for individual repair of components or production
wear-protected plates, components and constructions.
DELIVERY TIME 2 - 3 days (ex stock)
2 - 4 weeks (regular for new production)


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