Materials handling

EIPA is known on the market for its wear technology in regard of handling with abrasive bulk materials of all kinds.

Numerous, wear-resistant materials, components and assemblies have proven to be reliable and results in an increase in availability of the plants.

Continuous conveyors, such as screw conveyors of all types, mixing screws or rotary valves are all exposed to abrasive media so that the extension of that business activity was necessary for EIPA.

Under the guidance of specialists with long-term experience in the area of conveyance and process technology, EIPA has continuously developed the delivery scope of spare parts over the last few years. For example, for screw conveyors:

Prozesstechnik Fördertechnik
  • Shaft replacement work
  • Mixer shafts
  • Spiral pump hutches
  • Spiral pump hutch lining
  • Screw flights
  • Mixing tools
  • Shaft seals
  • Shaft sleeves

Today, EIPA plans, manufactures and assembles components ready for installation on the basis of saleable standard editions, supplemented by the long-life modifications and optimization adjusted to the process which previously led to a reduced availability and growing maintenance costs.

Moreover, we use intelligent solutions to reduce power of your equipment.

Speciality components

Screw conveyors:

  • Trough / Pipe screw conveyors
  • Overhung entry screw conveyor
  • Double screw conveyor
  • Double mixing screw conveyor

Rotary feeders:

  • Gravity rotary feeders
  • Self-cleaning rotary feeders with mech. discharging

Accessories and equipment for screw conveyors and rotary feeders:

  • Inlet and outlet chute
  • Flat slide valve
  • Change-over flaps
  • Transfer tubes

Spare parts for additional components, such as:

  • Bucket conveyors
    • Elevator buckets, inlet and outlet chutes, various linings
  • Trough chain conveyor / chain scraper
    • Walls, floors, chain guide rails, scraper rails, inlet and outlet chutes
Prozesstechnik Fördertechnik

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